Hearing Aid Dealer and Dispenser License

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Navigating Licensure Can Be Tricky

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The hearing aid industry is heavily regulated to ensure quality and a positive customer experience. Most states have a Board of Hearing Aid Dealers and Dispensers or similar entity that regulates the industry. This Board reviews applications for business licenses for hearing aid dealers/dispensers and investigates complaints as needed. If you have questions or need a hearing aid dealer/dispenser license, this is the entity to contact.

What Constitutes as a Hearing Aid Dispenser?

You’re a licensed hearing aid dispenser if you’re an individual that dispenses hearing aid instruments to clients. So if you’re involved in testing a client and outfitting a hearing aid device in his ear, you’re considered a dispenser.

What Constitutes as a Hearing Aid Dealer?

You are considered a hearing aid dealer if you run an office or store that employs licensed hearing aid dispensers who dispense hearing aid devices to clients.

Getting Licensed as a Hearing Aid Dealer/Dispenser

Naturally, there are exams associated with the profession that you’ll need as either a hearing aid dealer or as a hearing aid dispenser. These exams cover topics like:

  • Hearing evaluation
  • The earmold
  • The audiogram
  • The laws and rules of the industry

You’re required to pass these exams to prove your knowledge of the industry before you can become a licensed hearing aid professional.

Additionally, you may be required to maintain a certain number of continuing education courses or hours to stay abreast of the latest technologies and trends in the hearing aid industry.

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