Why incorporate in Delaware?

Incorporation Services. The state of Delaware offers a complete package of incorporation services to businesses that want to incorporate in Delaware.

  • Corporate Statutes. Delaware Corporations Law is the most through and flexible in the nation. Most states model their corporate statutes after Delaware Corporation Laws.
  • Delaware Secretary of State. Corporations Division. Delaware’s state corporations filing office is business-friendly and easily accessible.
  • Incorporate a Business in 1 Hour. The Delaware corporations filing office offers streamlined expedited filing services. Business owners can incorporate in as fast as 1 hour (Expedited Filing Fees Apply).
  • No Delaware Residency Required. Delaware law requires every corporation maintain a registered agent in Delaware. The shareholders and directors of the corporation, however, need not reside in Delaware.
  • Change Articles of Incorporation in 1 Hour. A Corporation may submit and file Articles of Amendment and thus make fundamental changes to a corporation within 1 hour.

NOTE: If your business is NOT physically located in Delaware, and is physically located in another state, you may be responsible for additional filings, fees, and taxes. See “Where to Incorporate” for more information on whether you should form a corporation in Delaware or another state.

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