Adopt Bylaws




The board of directors of held a meeting on at .

The following individual(s) were present at the meeting representing a Quorum and/or all of the Directors of .

Name Title

Also present at the meeting were the following individuals, if any:

Name Title

The Directors noted that they had reviewed and considered the Bylaws of the Corporation.  Based on this review and consideration by the Directors of the Bylaws of the Corporation, the following resolution was unanimously adopted:

RESOLVED, that the Bylaws of the Corporation, which was presented to the Directors for consideration, is hereby adopted.

RESOLVED FURTHER, that the Officers of this Corporation are authorized and directed to take any action necessary to effectuate the foregoing resolution, including, but not limited to, certification of adoption, placing the certified copy in the minute book of the Corporation, and to keep a copy at the principal executive office of the Corporation, and any other action required by law.