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“Setting up my LLC was something I had been worrying about for a while when I heard about CorpNet….Working with Lara and her team to get this done was easier and more effective than I ever imagined it would be. Their follow through was great, and I got my documents even sooner than they promised. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.”
--Michelle E., Michelle & Company, LLC

“I just had CorpNet form an LLC for my business and they did a great job. CorpNet did it SUPER fast and at a good price. Amanda and Lara were both very nice and helpful. NICE JOB CORPNET!!!”
--Peter R., Xtreme Plumbing, LLC

“CorpNet has fulfilled what they promised when they provided us a quote and was very prompt with their service. The entire process was very smooth and clear with no issues whatsoever. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”
--Abby B., BIM Worx

“My dealings with Corpnet could not have gone smoother, your company lived up to ALL that you advertised. I will recommend you and your company to all that I can. It was a pleasure doing business with CorpNet.”
--Tom M.,Chairman, BTD LLC

“This was my first experience forming an LLC and, as a result, knew very little about the process or how my personal information would be handled. The knowledgable staff at CorpNet patiently managed my expectations, answered all questions and concerns and actually delivered on their promises in far less time than expected; what impressed me most was the proactive approach they used every step of the way. The potentially frustrating process was very smooth and easy thanks to CorpNet. I readily endorse this company to anyone who is considering incorporation.”
--John K., Green Planet Strategies, LLC

“I just went through the process of creating an LLC in the state of Ohio using CorpNet's Express service and am extremely satisfied! The online submission was very easy to understand. I accidentally left out one bit of information and the CorpNet team called me directly within a day to follow up. They were always very professional, knowledgable and extremely courteous... and actually answered the phone (no recordings!!). I would definitely recommend CorpNet!”
--Sandy J., Sloane Avenue Enterprises, LLC

“I just registered my business as a S-Corporation using Corpnet's services and was really pleased with the way it was handled. The application process was very simple, and they even called me afterward because they had a question about the information I had supplied. It's been less than 3 weeks, and I've already received my completed material from them; looking through the forms I know there is no way I could have done it on my own. I highly recommend taking a look at CorpNet if you are organizing a business.”
--David F., RockStar Consulting, Inc.

“This was so easy! I wish they had this around when I set up my other corporations over 20 years ago. A few simple question and they do all of the leg work. It was all done online. An hour later I got a call from one of their customer service people confirming that I filled out my information correctly and when I should expect my paperwork. Again, super easy!”
--David G., Advizor LS, LLC

“CorpNet provided excellent customer service! I was considering going with Legal Zoom, and Rocket lawyer but talking to Lara made my mind up. She took time and answered all my questions and showed personal interests in my needs. I'm going to spread the word.”
--Omarr O., The G.O.O.D.S. Magazine, LLC

“I was pleasantly surprised by my interaction with CorpNet. I needed to set up a new LLC quickly, and they talked me through the process in both a friendly and professional manner. The pricing is more than reasonable. The complete package they offer is less than the basic packagae offered by other competitors. Also, what I really liked, was the fact that when you call them, a real live person answers the phone. I don't have to navigate my way through an electronic maze to get to someone who can help me. Excellent customer service. I am sure I will need to establish additional corporations in the future and will not hesitate to use CorpNet. Based on my experience I would certainly recommend them.”
--Julian P.S., CEO,

“I love CorpNet, Inc. I had been trying to set up an LLC through another online company that spends a fortune advertising on radio, but I had more questions than answers - their process was long, and the questions they asked made no sense. CorpNet's process was easy, in plain language, and was followed-up with by a phone call from a helpful associate to answer other questions I had. On top of that, the prices can't be beat. No one else even comes close.”
--Matthew B., Best Express Delivery Service, LLC

“I recently incorporated an LLC company with CorpNet. I found the entire process to be very simple and straightforward. My state has a requirement that the “LLC” must appear after the business name. CorpNet called me within 20 minutes of my submission and confirmed that it was okay with me. I found the representative to be friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I’ve thought about incorporating for awhile. The other services I had looked at were pretty pricey after all the up charges. CorpNet offered a good service at a fair price. I’m very pleased!”
--Scott S., SkillCasting, LLC

“I chose CorpNet to create my LLC in Texas. After submitting the application I received a call from the founder herself to verify the information. The reason I chose them was a fair amount of research and reading some of the articles the founder had written. I must say the service was simply amazing! They were very flexible and the personal touch, which one must say is not very common in this day and age, gave me the reassurance that I had picked the right company. Everything was done very professionally, quickly and regular feedback was given. I can only highly recommend CorpNet - Very nice and professionally run company!”
--Matt T., smartreasons, LLC

“Lara Pace from CorpNet walked me through the entire process over the phone about 3 weeks ago. She was very easy to talk to and did not pressure me into signing up for packages CorpNet offered. I had many questions, all of which she answered with ease. I'm glad I chose CorpNet for filing my business; I plan on referring all future friends and colleagues to their services. Thank you CorpNet!”
--Marco T., MDTOHM-Design LLC

“Before I chose to do business with, I did a lot of research on my own about other filling service companies and also research on how I could possibly incorporate my business on my own. Having an attorney to file your paper work can be expensive and filing on your own can create problems. I decided to go with because of the their customers reviews. I can honestly say that the reviews were accurate about how great service is. I wish there were other companies out there that offered the same great customer service as CorpNet. I stand behind and I promise you won’t go wrong if you do decide to let Corpnet take care of your legal filing. Thanks for a job well done!”
--Bryan B., Diversity, Inc.

“This was my 2nd time using this company, which I would still use. Everyone was very polite and got right down to all my needs which I did not have to ask any questions; all was fully explained to me. They are the best at Nellie, Amanda and Lara, If I left out anyone’s name, you all did your job well done and thank you all very much!”
--Pameeta B., MisiRx New York, LLC

“CorpNet was a pleasure to deal with. We had no experience starting a corporation and they walked us through the entire process. Since we're local to Los Angeles, it was reassuring to know that they were nearby.”
--Josh P., Josh Petok, Inc.

“CorpNet was fantastic! I highly recommend them. I never once spoke with a machine. I spoke with the same person each time I phoned and she called me as well. I felt like a person and not a number. They were very knowledgeable and answered all my questions quickly. As soon as my information was processed and complete, I received an email stating it was in the mail. Great service! I will most definitely recommend them to others and will always come back.”
--Kristen K., The Mom Coach, LLC

“I highly recommend CorpNet. Excellent, personalized customer service. Their staff are not only reliable and knowledgeable but they promptly responded to all my emails and phone calls. Thank you Amanda and Nellie!”
--Chimene T., Chimene Tirol, OT, P.C.

“Thank you CorpNet for an easy transition into entrepreneurship! The application process was simple and the attention to detail from customer service was outstanding. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.”
--Jeffrey P., Heartbeat Health

“I have to say kudos to CorpNet for the fast/amazing service. I filed this on Friday and already have everything in hand. I am already recommending you to my father-in-law. Thanks again!”
--Charlie Newell, NeoTerra Productions LLC

“Professional from start to finish. I would recommend this company to anyone that is looking to incorporate and needs a step by step hand through the process. Unlike other companies, they actually have live persons that answer the phone. How refreshing. Bravo CorpNet!”
--Steven W. Rodriguez, SWR and Associates, LLC

“I recently formed my first corporation. Being new to the process I looked into many different options. I researched LegalZoom, and I looked into LegalZoom first because it probably is the most well known document filing service. My biggest problem with LegalZoom was the inability to get a hold of someone on the phone; I'd always have to wait for someone to call me back and sometimes it was hours. With CorpNet, not only do they answer the phone immediately, but you can speak with the same person every time. Their personal service was a huge selling point. Also, their prices were much lower than Legal Zoom's,'s or BizFiling's. They even got my corporation formed and all my documents to me in less time than they said they would. I would definitely recommend CorpNet to anyone needing to form a corporation and will use them again when that need arises for me.”
--Angelo D., Gin Mill Group Inc.

“I recently formed a new Corporation. In the past, I have established many corps, LLC's and used countless other services including LegalZoom. In spite of the lack of personalized service and far-too-great amount of time spent unnecessarily on their intricate and confusing forms, I continued to use them for these services as well as trademarks, etc. I am educated and even still I often ran into problems and questions that were not answered by them online or phone as they avoid any kind of advice, even if it is not legal advice. I was referred to CorpNet where I found myself immediately speaking to someone knowledgeable with the products I might need. Most of these had gone unanswered at LegalZoom. I also spoke to one of the Owners later on to further demonstrate how personal this service can be. I was told what I needed and not Up sold on all the extras that a start up venture can simply not afford and does not need. Nonetheless, I got the package that mirrored the top tier ones at competitors and at a far lesser price. The experience was handled perfectly, swiftly and could not have been better. I also received several follow-up calls and emails to insure my satisfaction. I could not recommend any service as high as this and have not in the past. You want a personal and professional, affordable solution to any biz need, call CorpNet... Outstanding in every way!”
--Mark G., Los Angeles, California

“CorpNet is an outstanding and quality company. I needed to incorporate my company and was referred to CorpNet. Their team worked with alacrity and purpose in getting my company incorporated. They walked me through the entire process, explained everything I needed to know and were extremely courteous and excellent pricing. I have already referred colleagues of mine to utilize their services. Nellie Akalp runs a fantastic company...the way all companies should be run”
-- Adam P., Adam Press & Co

“Your team was outstanding and handled my document filings in a superb manner. I had no idea of how to incorporate a business until I found and contacted CorpNet. Within 14 days, I received my Articles of Incorporation for my S-Corp and approved Entity name. I am truly blessed to have your company process my documents. Great thanks to Andrea and Amanda for the awesome communications via telephone and email. Thank you and your team for an outstanding and superb job!”
-- Kenneth P., Snotastic Sno Biz, Inc.

“Nellie, I just want to thank you and your team and Amanda for the work that was performed to register my business as a LLC as well as the DBA filing! Please know how much I appreciate the research, the explanations, and of course the final product that was provided to me from start to finish! You have certainly earned my respect, and I would never hesitate in recommending CorpNet to others! If I ever hear that someone is looking for such services, I will tell them about you, Amanda, and CorpNet!”
-- Domenico S., Data for Safety, LLC

“CorpNet was fast, reliable, and a great way to start my new non-profit! It was simple, easy, and very friendly. I highly recommend them!”
-- Alison S., Center for Women’s Excellence in Endurance Sports.

“CorpNet, your Employee Values are on target! Very Customer centric engaged with excellent communication skills! My only surprise was a how easy forming a LLC became the moment I sent my email request! What a pleasure!”
-- Bonnie A., Ackerman & Associates, LLC

“My Representative was Nellie Akalp who works for CorpNet; she was very help full to me and gratefully I don't think you can find someone as polite as her and very cooperative and patient”
-- Pameeta B., R& D Distributions, LLC

“...It was truly the highlight to my day to have had the opportunity to meet you over the phone. Wow! This is what I LOVE about what I do; that I can run a business and connect with wonderful, driven, passionate, and GOOD people each and every day. I love that you created and are guiding your business to help others actualize their dreams! What a gift... My experience dealing with exceeded any and all expectations and I have already started telling people about your services. Not only was I impressed with the ease of the online process, but the personal customer service was the BEST I've EVER had. If all businesses were run like CorpNet is run, people would be far more satisfied and optimistic. I look forward to a continued relationship with your company and will NEVER go anywhere else to get my businesses squared away”

“I wanted to thank you for taking such great care of Kevin's incorporation process. You were not only extremely professional, but you also treated him as a good friend, making the entire process seamless. You went the extra mile to expedite his filings and follow up with him on numerous occasions. As you can imagine, we are very excited about Kevin's new venture, and you helped to make it official in record time!”
-- Shanyn Cox , 3 Sets 10 Reps, Inc

“CorpNet™ has made incorporating my business a stress free and easy process! From start to finish, CorpNet helped me choose the right path for my individual needs; they handled everything in a timely and a professional manner, and made me realize how important all the little details are to incorporating my personal business. I would like to close on a personal note by saying thank you to CorpNet and their employees with all sincerity. Thank you for such an outstanding service!”
-- Tracy M.

“I would like to personally thank and recommend Amanda Beren and CorpNet for the timely response to my request in filing my LLC. She was pleasant, professional and very knowledgeable. Thank you again Amanda!”
-- Serge Katzef, 805 Web Media, LLC

“I wanted to thank you for your help in the search for my company name. I deeply appreciate all that you have done!”
-- Bruce/The Handy Man

“Nellie, Thanks so much for your quick delivery! Our Corporate Seal looks great.”
-- Pam R., Girl Scouts Heart of Hudson

“CorpNet™ has made incorporating my restaurant business and Filing my DBA a stress free and easy process! From start to finish, CorpNet helped me choose the right path for my individual needs; they handled everything in a timely and a professional manner, and made me realize how important all the little details are to incorporating my restaurant business. I would like to close on a personal note by saying thank you to CorpNet and their employees with all sincerity. Thank you for such an outstanding service!”
-- Ayla H., EL SASON