Federal Trademark Application Preparation

Starting at $299*

Benefits of Registering a Trademark


By registering for U.S. Federal Trademark protection, trademark owners are eligible for numerous benefits such as treble damages in some cases of infringement, the right to use the ® in your trademark, and a streamlined process for securing your domains and usernames at social sites like facebook, twitter, and youtube.

Ready in 48 Hours

  • The trademark registration process can require 9 months to several years of processing at the Federal government (USPTO) depending on the complexity of your desired mark and other existing conflicting marks.
  • However, Corpnet can prepare your application within 48 hours. After you receive your completed application, you will be responsible for executing the application and for paying any applicable Federal fees.
  • Once you execute the application, it is filed with the USPTO (United States patent and Trademark Office). The earlier this “filing date”, the better.

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