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Change a Registered Agent

By |2020-06-24T05:58:16-07:00June 23rd, 2020|

Change a Registered Agent If you need to replace your existing registered agent, CorpNet can help and we'll make it quick and easy for you. Changing Your Registered Agent is Easy Fortunately, changing your registered agent isn’t rocket science. But it does take some [...]

Nationwide Registered Agent Services

By |2020-07-09T14:29:41-07:00June 10th, 2020|

Nationwide Registered Agent Services CorpNet offers nationwide registered agent services that support all fifty states and bulk registrations. Full coverage across the United States, one point of contact, and volume discounts make compliance easy with CorpNet. CorpNet offers nationwide registered agent services that support [...]

Registered Agent Services

By |2020-08-12T06:04:03-07:00November 29th, 2018|

Registered Agent Services A registered agent, sometimes referred to as a resident agent or an agent for service of process, is a person or company officially recognized by the state that resides within the state of incorporation and is designated by the corporation or LLC [...]

A Mid-Year Business Checklist to Get You Back on Track

By |2020-08-03T09:52:24-07:00August 3rd, 2020|Ongoing Management and Protection|

Tax season is over (for most of us). So, what’s next for business owners and professional advisors with business clients? With so much disruption and distraction this year, you may have fallen behind keeping up with compliance for business licenses, permits, and identification numbers. Here’s a mid-year business checklist [...]

How to Start a Restaurant Business

By |2020-07-28T08:30:18-07:00July 28th, 2020|Startup and Launch|

Are you thinking about how to start a restaurant business? Without a doubt, it's an industry that contributes immensely to our economy. According to statistics from the National Restaurant Association, there are over one million restaurant locations in the United States, and they collectively employ 15.6 million people. What [...]

LLC vs. Partnership

By |2020-07-27T06:17:53-07:00July 27th, 2020|Startup and Launch|

When deciding between an LLC vs. partnership as your company's business structure, you'll have many considerations to address. There are ramifications legally, administratively, and financially when choosing a business entity type. Rushing to a decision can have consequences—BIG consequences—so it’s critical to review your options carefully and seek professional [...]


By |2020-07-06T09:19:14-07:00July 6th, 2020|Startup and Launch|

When you’re starting a small business that has more than one owner, you and your partner(s) may have concerns about your personal liability risks. If this is the case, it would be wise to compare LLP vs. LLC business structures. Limited liability partnerships (LLP) and limited liability companies (LLC) [...]

What Kinds of Liability Should Accounting Professionals Be Concerned About Right Now?

By |2020-07-02T10:03:33-07:00July 2nd, 2020|Ongoing Management and Protection|

Minimizing legal risks to your business has always been important. However, with so much uncharted territory and change within the current environment, it has become especially critical to look out for situations that could become problematic liability issues for your firm. Stephen Covey once said, “If there’s one thing [...]

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