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At CorpNet our mission is to help you start your business and help you keep it in compliance. To assist you in your entrepreneurial journey, we’ve collected answers to the most frequently asked questions small business owners have about starting and maintaining a business in the state of New Hampshire.

Our goal is to provide you with a one-stop solution for all of your business, payroll tax registrations, and compliance filings. And if we can help you along the way, our team of entity filings and compliance experts is just a call away.

Quick Facts for Starting a New Hampshire Business

Expedited Services Available: No
New Business Publishing Required: No
Private Registration Available: No

Registered Agent Required: Yes
Annual Report Required: Yes
Franchise Tax Required: Yes

State Sales Tax: 0%
State Income Tax: 7.5%
Unemployment Insurance: .1%-8.5%

DBAs do not require a registered agent.

New Hampshire Business Entity Options

Business Entity Type State Fees Applicable Form
Limited Partnership (LP) $100 Form LP-1: N.H. Limited Partnership Application
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) $100 Form LLP-1: Limited Liability Partnership Registration
Limited-Liability Company (LLC) $100 Form LLC-1: Certificate of Formation
Professional Limited-Liability Company (PLLC) $100 Form PLLC-1: Certificate of Formation for a Professional LLC
Corporation $100 Form 11: Articles of Incorporation
Benefit Corporation $100 Form 11: Articles of Incorporation
Professional Corporation $100 Form 11PC: Articles of Incorporation for a Professional Corporation
Nonprofit Corporation $25 Form NP-1: NH Nonprofit Application
Foundation $100 Form FND-1: Certificate of Formation
Cooperative Marketing and Rural Electrification Associations $25 Certificate of Organization
No standardized form available.
Consumers’ Cooperative Associations $25 Certificate of Organization (No Standardized Form)
Foreign Limited Partnership (LP) $100 Form FLP-1: Foreign Limited Partnership Application
Foreign Limited-Liability Partnership (LLP) $100 Form FLLP-1: Limited Liability Partnership Registration
Foreign Corporation $100 Form 40: Application for Certificate of Authority for a Foreign Corporation
Foreign Professional Corporation $100 Form 40PC: Application for Certificate of Authority for a Foreign Professional Corporation
Foreign Nonprofit Corporation $25 Form FNP-1: Foreign Nonprofit Application
Foreign Foundation $100 Form FFND-1: Certificate of Registration
Foreign Limited Liability Company (LLC) $100 Form FLLC-1: Application for Foreign Limited Liability
Company Registration
Foreign Professional Limited-Liability Company $100 Form FPLLC-1: Application for Foreign Professional Limited
Liability Company Registration

Not Sure Which Type of Business You Need?

Launch CorpNet’s Business Structure Wizard to get suggested entities based on your unique needs. It’s free and easy to use.

Key New Hampshire Government Resources

New Hampshire Department of State
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301-4989

New Hampshire Department of Revenue
109 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301

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Need a Small Business Compliance Checklist?

Business compliance can slip through the cracks! As your existing business evolves, you are required to file notify the state of any changes. Many business owners lose sight of these requirements and fail to realize they haven’t met compliance requirements.

Use our compliance checklist to determine which business filings you need to perform to manage this year’s activities and changes.

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