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How to Apply for an EIN if You’re Not a United States Citizen

An EIN (Employer Identification Number), also known as Federal Tax ID Number, is a 9-digit number issued by the IRS that the United States federal government uses to identify a business for tax purposes. Every business with employees or registered in the U.S. as a...

EIN Application

The S Corp Election Deadline is Right Around the Corner

The S Corporation election deadline for LLCs and C Corporations is March 15, 2022. So, if you’re considering changing your limited liability company or C Corporation tax treatment from its default status to an S Corp, time is of the essence!! About the 2022 S Corp...

S Corp on Tablet

How to Get Certified as a Women or Minority-Owned Small Business

Small business certification comes in many forms and offers incredible opportunities for business owners to work with and compete with larger businesses for contracts. Federal government agencies and many state and local governments must set aside a percentage of...

Business Women

Meet the People Behind CorpNet’s Success

We are immensely grateful for our team members’ talents and contributions. They have fueled our growth and remain the key to our continued success in helping aspiring and existing business owners make their entrepreneurial dreams come true. What do our employees...

corpnet team laughing

What Business Owners Need to Know About Filing Taxes in 2022

Tax season is right around the corner. A lot has changed, tax-wise, in the past year due to new legislation. Here’s a quick look at what business owners need to know about filing their taxes in 2022. Sole Proprietorship Sole proprietors are unincorporated...

Stack of US Tax Forms

Do I Need a New EIN?

If you already have an employer identification number (EIN) for your business but have recently made some changes, you may be wondering, “Do I need a new EIN?” Depending on the type of business entity and the circumstances, the IRS may require you to apply for a...

Employer Identification Number (EIN) written on legal document

Meet CorpNet’s Inspiring Senior Account Manager: Amanda Beren

CorpNet’s high-caliber team members, who bring their diverse strengths and talents to work with them every day, fuel our company’s success. No one exemplifies hard work and dedication more than our Senior Account Manager, Amanda Beren.  We’ve recently featured...

Amanda Beren Video Cover Image

Registered Business Name vs. Trademark

One of the first decisions new entrepreneurs make is “What should I name my business?” A lot of brand equity gets built around a business name, so it’s essential to protect that valuable marketing asset. During a presentation to accounting professionals, I...

Woman With Two Thought Bubbles, One With Business Name and One With Trademark

Expanding a Small Business to Another State: What You Need to Know

Extending your small business’s presence across state lines can help your company reach new markets, grow revenue, and boost profits. But how do you expand a small business into another state? And what’s involved in operating a business in multiple states? There...

US Map of States With Connecting Dots

Meet the Driver and Doer Behind CorpNet: Nellie Akalp, Founder and CEO

Every person on the CorpNet team has contributed to our continued success. Our recently created series of videos features several of our team members to give you a glimpse of “who’s who” and their take on what they do and why they do it. In this post, we’re...

Nellie Akalp Video Cover

10 Legal Documents You Must Have to Start a Small Business

If starting a new business is on your 2022 New Year’s resolution list, we’re here to help you begin on the right (and legal) path.Here are 10 must-have legal documents you need to start a new business.1. Business PlanTechnically, a business plan is not a “legal”...

Legal Document

Meet the Visionary Behind CorpNet: Phil Akalp, Founder and CTO

CorpNet could never have achieved what we have without our exceptional team members! We’ve recently created several videos to give you a glimpse behind the scenes of our company and allow you to get to know some of the people responsible for guiding our business...

Phil Akalp Video Cover

How to Draft Meeting Minutes in the New Year

Along with other annual business compliance responsibilities, corporations (and sometimes LLCs) must hold various meetings and record minutes from those meetings. With the new year ahead, new entrepreneurs and existing business owners need to make sure they...

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors

DBA vs. LLC: What’s the Difference?

Do you need a DBA or LLC? While that question may sound like an alphabetically infused riddle, it is an important question many new business owners ask. Fortunately, the answer to that question is not puzzling after you have some basic information about what those...

Cartoon Man Comparing Positive and Negative

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