Blackboard with Hire and Outsource Written on ItFace it: as an entrepreneur, you often take off more than you can handle. You assume you’re better off doing it all, when, in fact, there are certain tasks that you’ll actually benefit from handing over to someone else.

There are ample benefits to delegating tasks, including freeing yourself up to work on more high-level tasks within your company, as well as getting better results when you let a professional do the work. Here are six things you should clear off your plate today!

1. Content Marketing

You may or may not love writing. Even if you love it, there’s no rule saying you need to write all the content for your business’ blog. You can include more voices from your staff to provide a more well-rounded view from your company, or you can outsource the work to a content marketing company that has the skills to get you eyeballs on your blog.

Disseminating some of that content load will save you a ton of time, especially if it takes you hours to craft a single post. If you want to continue to write for your blog, limit it to 1-4 times a week, and see what you can do with that extra time.

2. Customer Service

When you had 10 customers, it was easy to manage communications and requests from them. But now that you’ve grown, that has become a beast that you’re trying to tame daily. If you have staff dedicated to customer service, trust them to do their jobs, and get out of the way. Otherwise, look at what you can outsource, from inbound calls from customers to answering emails and tweets.

Yes, this is a significant cost, but your time has a financial value affixed to it, too. If you can hire a customer service rep for $15 an hour and save yourself 10 hours a week (and you value your time at $100 an hour), that $150 a week investment just netted you $1,000 worth of time!

3. Administrative Tasks

Do me a favor, and for one week, track the time you spend on tasks like answering simple emails, checking your Analytics, filling out paperwork, and other administrative tasks. Surprised at how much time it eats up?

There are competent virtual assistants whose skills range from marketing to finance that can help you with those tasks that don’t necessarily need to be completed by you. Again, well worth the investment.

4. Accounting

If accounting is on your list of tasks you hate, it’s time to outsource it. Balancing your accounts, sending invoices, and paying suppliers isn’t something that you as the business owner necessarily need to do. Many small business accountants work for a reasonable monthly retainer and can handle these tasks on your behalf.

5. Web Development

Most business owners aren’t professional website developers…and most don’t need a full-time dedicated employee for the job. Find a professional firm or individual who is reliable that can initially help with your web re/design and keep it updated with new content, SEO, news, and fresh links.

6. Hiring Needs

Who’s got time to post job listings and interview potential candidates when you need to hire asap? It’s better to hand the work over to a recruiter who has connections in your industry and can find candidates who might not otherwise have applied for your open position.

Rather than focus on how much outsourcing these tasks will cost you, look at the cost benefits and what you will be able to do with more time!