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Everywhere I go, people seem to really identify with the fact that I started my business with my husband, Phil. They love hearing our story, as well as our advice to other husband/wife teams. We both feel lucky to have found this path to entrepreneurship together. Here are some highlights.

We Aligned What We Wanted

Both Phil and I had grown up wanting to be lawyers. I’d been dazzled by all the courtroom television shows I grew up with, and wanted to make a difference. But as we entered law school, the possibilities of how we could help others with a legal background began to open up. As soon as we launched our first website and got our first corporation client, we realized we didn’t have to be lawyers to make a difference.

We made the decision together to brave this new path and see what entrepreneurship looked like.

We Pushed Each Other to Succeed

Getting offered $20 million for our first business filing company wasn’t an overnight thing. We both worked hard: first learning everything there was to know about how to register a business, how to form an LLC, etc. Then we pushed one another to work harder, striving for success.

It paid off when Intuit took notice and made us an offer we couldn’t refuse.

We Knew When to Say No

After Intuit bought our company, we were kept on as advisors. But the company didn’t feel like the fledgling we’d given birth to and raised. It didn’t feel right. So we exited. It was hard saying goodbye, but we had one another, so we let time guide us to what came next.

We Tried New Things

Because we had a non-compete agreement with Intuit that kept us from entering the business filing business for several years, we tried other types of businesses. None of them fueled our passion the way that first business did, but we were open to trying new ideas.

We Took the Plunge Again

The second that noncompete clause ran out, we formed CorpNet. We might have thought it would be easy the second time around, but we quickly learned that the landscape had changed (partly because of all the hard work we’d put into our first business). We had to learn to market online, which has been the lifeblood of our business.

CorpNet is here for the long haul, so that meant we needed our own worlds to rule, where we wouldn’t step on one another’s toes. We drew a line, agreeing to respect one another’s opinions and decisions, and it’s worked out great ever since.

Phil and I have taken each day with a tremendous amount of gratitude. There’s no one else I’d want to take along on the journey we’ve experience than him.

Let us put all our hard work to good use and help you register a business name. Use our free corporate name search to get started.